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31-January-2020 | 482 views

How to create a guest account in Windows 10

Using an administrator account on a daily basis for your computer is dangerous. If your computer should get infected with malware, the attacker would gain administrator access into your system, because the user it infected has this level of access into the system.
A good layer of security is to create and use a guest account for your daily activities. Any malware that tries to take control over your system will be limited by the guest account.
Here is how to set up a guest account in Windows 10 (because it’s more difficult in this OS version):
Create a Standard account:

  1. Open Command prompt and run: control userpasswords2
  2. Click on Advanced tab at the Top and then click the Advanced button.
  3. Now click on Users in the new Window.
  4. Click on Action and select New User.
  5. Make the User Name Guest Account and leave the rest blank.
  6. Uncheck the box next to User must change password at next logon.
  7. Check both User cannot change Password and Password never expires.
  8. Click Create to create the standard account.

Now to Make it a Guest account:

  1. Right Click On Guest Account and click Properties.
  2. Click on the Members of tab, click on Users and click Remove.
  3. Click on Add at the bottom and click Advanced.
  4. Click on Find Now and Select Guest under Search results.
  5. Click OK 3 times and you can now sign into the new Guest account

It’s not the easiest setup to do, but if you take your time and follow the instructions above, you should be all set.
PS: Don’t forget to set a password for your guest account as well and log off each time you leave your PC unattended!