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The devices you use may already be compromised

You, as many others, may have reached a level of information saturation when it comes to security advice. As a consequence, the scary stories related to cyber security things can’t touch you anymore.
That’s why I’d like to share an example today that I hope...

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Do you know how to recognize social engineers?

If someone walks up to you at work to ask you for information, would you know how to identify that person as a colleague or could it be anyone persuasive enough to trick you into revealing sensitive details about the company?
Identifying social engineers is an import...

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Cut your smartphone data bill by disabling background data

Lots of apps consume background data which you don’t actually need. A lot of the times they do this to sneakily send information about you and your activities while using the web. This can needlessly increase your data usage and battery consumption.

These are the necessary se...