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JavaScript malware explained

Don’t worry, we won’t get too technical, but you have to know this.  
JavaScript malware is a growing threat that will most likely have an even bigger impact in the next year than it has now.
One key statistic will help you understand why...

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Stop laziness from interfering with your cyber security

When it comes to healthy password habits, we’re aware that sometimes we sound like some nagging mothers.
Do this, do that, make it unique, make it strong, make it a hundred characters long” and so on.
Yes, we’re all lazy....

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Stop and check before you click on that

By Albert Fofie

Clicking on links that you have no idea where they’ll take you? Not a bright idea.

I don’t care if you received that shortlink from your boss, your life partner, your favorite band or your mother (or at least so you may believe).

If y...